Thursday Thirteen

13 Thoughts of Thankfulness & Randomness
1. My crutch went out from me yesterday and I slipped. Thankfully my card table was close and I landed on it. Bent the legs something terrible, but I didn't go completely down. Every inch of me is sore today, but PTL I didn't break anything!! Scary.
2. I'm thankful I missed Larry King Live with Paris Hilton last night!
3. I was curious to know if you are allergic to anything. I'm not allergic, but I get sick when I take codeine or morphine. I'm thankful I'm not allergic to anything.
4. Gas is down to $2.58 today!! Thank you, thank you. Keep going down!
5. I'm 42 and my wisdom teeth are finally coming in. Swell. What do you bet I'll have to have them taken out? I am thankful that I still have all my teeth. :o)
6. My dad's headstone was finally put up this week. I am thankful I was able to take my mother to see it.
7. I am thankful that my MIL got along so well with her knee replacement. She looks as though she never had surgery. She goes home tomorrow and I'm sure she is thankful too!
8. I've done pretty well this week on the weight loss challenge. I did have a few Starbursts though. Eight to be exact. But that satisfied my craving for them and I'm good to go. What's your favorite flavor? Mine is orange.
9. Has anybody watched Little People, Big World? I just love that show for some reason. I guess I identify with people facing challenges and like to see how they overcome it.
10. I have received so many cards this past week from people letting me know they are praying for my upcoming surgery and volunteering to cook meals or clean. I am thankful for their love and friendship!
11. I'm thankful that tonight's supper is already in the crockpot and cooking. Mmmm, roast!
12. Not really looking forward to my physical next week because of the stinkin' blood tests. I am a very hard stick and it can take up to six or more tries before they decide to get it in my fingers. For my surgery they will probably have to do a central line which is not a lot of fun either. If you think about it please pray that on Wednesday I will only get stuck a few times. One would be even better!
13. Barb and Rob drew my name for the recipe giveaway she was hosting! I am thankful to get some new recipes for my husband to try. I love winning in Blogville!


amy said...

I didnt post a TT today but enjoyed yours.. Glad you like LynnMaries name and I am glad you were not injured too bad yesterday!

Praying for ya

impworks said...

#2 is one of those things in life to be glad about. In fact never hearing of PH again wouldn't bother me one iota.

Kris :) said...

#1 - so glad you're okay!
#3 - I'm allergic to nearly everything drug wise...
#5 - I hope they don't bother you enough to have them removed.
#9 - I love that show - I TiVo it!

Happy TT!

Christine said...

Those lab days are tough, I'll be thinking about you. I'm thankful too you weren't injured very bad either yesterday, and you were able to visit your dad!Those are very good things to be thankful for!

As for Starbursts I like the pink ones, I think they're Strawberry!

Happy Thursday Amy!

Nicki Mann said...

I am allergic to everything airborne, plus some foods, plus I also get sick from codeine.
Good luck with your surgery! I am also very hard to stick... Nothing worse that being in an ambulance and having the paramedic jabbing at you like crazy cause he can't find your veins!

MommyBa said...

Glad you're okay! :)

It's a great feeling to know that a lot of people care about you :)

Happy Thursday dear!

Chelle Y. said...

It's the little things we sometimes forget to give thanks.

Great TT! I love these positive ones!


Southern Girl said...

Amy! I'm so glad you weren't hurt when your crutch slipped. That's always a scary feeling, I well know. Mine slipped on my SIL's parents' wet porch the other day...thankfully it slid onto some dry concrete and that stopped it before I slid down completely.

Be careful!

palmtreefanatic said...

nice list! Congrats on your winning! Happy TT!

Michelle said...

1. Thank goodness you didn't seriously injure yourself with that slip!
3. I'm not allergic to anything (that I know of!) but I might be allergic to the novacaine at the dentist office as I feel my heart racing, palms sweating, and my teeth start chattering. My mom told me - I think you're having an allergic reaction!
4. $2.58?!?! Seriously!?! Where do you live again?! LOL It's still $3.15 here - yikes!!
5. Wow just now getting the wisdom teeth in? I had all 4 of mine taken out years ago.
6. I'm glad you and your mom were able to see the headstone in now.
7. Glad to hear your MIL is doing so well!
13. I saw you were one of the lucky winners for Barb's giveaways! Congrats!

Lady Jane said...

I'm thankful I didn't see Paris Hilton on Larry King either! But, I love crockpot meals! What did you make?

Jenny McB said...

Make sure you are well hydrated before the blood draw, that might help.Try to keep warmer than cooler also, anything to not have your veins more constricted. Good luck, I know that's not easy. Don't let the same person try you more than two times!! I am a lab tech who draws occasionally, I know the routine.

Have you tried the starburst jelly beans? I like all the flavors!

Barb said...

It was all Rob's fault, Amy. He did the drawing. LOL I'm glad your name was drawn. You'll have to let me know what you think.