May Day Challenge ~ :o)

I am thankful that it has been an easy week as far as food is concerned. Things are happening in my home that have caused some major stress. It would have been easy for me to eat my troubles away by consuming Dove chocolates with the little promises on each wrapper, or maybe a roast or two! Sorry, I'm a carnivore!

I have learned this week that food is just my energy source. It keeps me alive and ticking. Yes, I can enjoy what I am having, but in reality there are other things I enjoy more than food. My husband and kids. Spending time with my mother and being a comfort to her. Guiding my kids as they patiently get my house back in order. See? There's plenty that can occupy my time more than food!

I've been eating very healthy this week. I haven't had as many fruits as I need, but other than that I've done well. My precious mom is on her way to the store right now to buy me a variety of fruits. I'm keeping the fluids in and they are making their way out-mostly at night!

I don't know if I can have this make any sense, but I actually feel a little stronger. My pain level is still high, but I feel strong. Yeah, I'm sure that makes no sense to anybody, but oh well.

I go to the doctor on July 2nd for my physical before surgery and I know they will weigh me then. I'm curious to see if I have lost anything. Even if I haven't I won't let that discourage me because I know I am doing what is best for me.

Right now my goal is to keep eating healthy. Whether or not I have lost anything is not a concern to me at this point. My way of thinking is I need to keep all the nasties out of my body, stay feeling strong and keep eating right. Now I know this doesn't mean that tomorrow Daisy the Cow or a Snicker's bar won't be calling my name, but I'll stand my ground the best I can. I know this will make for a faster and easier recovery. And besides that I'm worth it!

Less than a month for my new bionic hip!!


Robin said...

Great insight on how food is only for sustenance. I like how you stated that! You can enjoy it but there are many other things to enjoy too. I'm going to think on that this week!
Good going girl! Stay healthy and strong!

Denise said...

Yes, dear, you are very much worth it,

Amy said...

I have to remind myself of that more often-- I tend to give in to cravings too often! Great attitude, keep it up!

Mama Bear June said...

Keep up with the healthy habits! It's definitely worth it. Will be praying your surgery goes well. My husband is going under the knife for hip replacement in September.

Fiddledeedee (It Coulda' Been Worse) said...

Good girl! That's the right attitude. Same here. Right now, it's about maintaining a healthy eating habit. I know I feel better when I do.

I'll be praying for your upcoming surgery. You're my hero.

Kailani said...

What a great positive outlook you have. It will keep you strong!

An Island Life

Southern Girl said...

Good for you for eating healthy! Whether or not you've lost weight, you're at least making some positive changes. That can't do anything but help. :)

Sandy said...

You go Amy!!! It can be so hard when those cravings hit....but you seem to be hanging tough! I am certain you will feel better when you are eating better. It's amazing how food can bring you down.
I love your attitude. I will be praying for you.