Dear Dad,

I've been looking at photo albums this week. I love the black and white photos the best. The smile on your face as you hold me is priceless. I can see it in your eyes how much you love me. Did you know I was going to be a daddy's girl?

I loved being in your arms as a toddler. No wonder it took so long for me to walk! I insisted that I be carried all the time. And you happily obliged. I don't recall ever having to sit in a baskcart.

Your breath always smelled like the Doublemint gum you chewed. You always brought home a brand new pack of either Fruit Striped or Juicy Fruit gum just for me. And they were the big packs too!

And I can't forget about all my treasures from the vending machines. I still cherish the little black cat, the bouncy ball all covered in something sticky, the cheap spoon ring that made my finger turn green and the Scotty dog keychain. Is this where my love of simple things came from?

You and I went out on many dates-so to speak. Our favorite places were the dump (my personal favorite), the hardware store and the lumber yard. Do you remember the rocking chair that someone threw out as garbage? You knew you could fix it and paint it and make it brand new. I spent many days rocking my baby dolls in that chair.

Do you remember building the tree house for Jimmy and I? I was tickled to death to wear your tool apron with the big pockets and hand you nails when you needed them. I felt like we were a team. And I loved it that you would climb up and play house or cowboys and indians with us!

On Christmas Eve you and I would drive around looking for Santa as mom and Jimmy were putting the gifts under the tree. Your imagination was even bigger than mine! Funny how we always managed to see him right before we went home :o)

You were always soft spoken and gentle. You never raised your voice. I was never afraid of making you mad or angry. I always felt safe enough to come talk to you about anything. Thank you.

I so enjoyed going to the Ice Capades every year with you and mom. You always bought me a program that I would look at over and over until they fell apart. I still have them all!

You always held my hand tight as the technician tried to draw blood. You knew that was what I hated most. When I cried you cried harder.

Thank you for taking me to the Donny & Marie concert! That is a night I will never ever forget.

All the trips back and forth to Children's Memorial Hospital in Chicago made for long days. You made them special. I loved talking on the cb radio and people watching while we were waiting to see the doctor. Do you remember that little thrift store we would walk to in between appointments. I always managed to find a new treasure to bring home. And what a treat it was to eat at Red Lobster on the way home!

Family devotions were very special. All of us in our pajamas sitting on your and mom's bed. You both taught us His words and explained salvation to us. You led by example. You never waivered from your faith even in dark times.

Parkinson's came out of nowhere and took us all by surprise. You could have been bitter and ugly, but you were strong and brave. Never asking why. Never complaining. Always thankful for the care mom gave you. She loved you more than anything.

All the town's people loved you dad. Did you know that? I've never heard an unkind word on your behalf. Only words of high praise and adoration. Even from one of the men you had to fire once! He said it was the kindest firing he ever received.

As a grandpa you ROCKED! All the grandkids knew how much you loved them. You made time for them just like you did us. They knew you would listen and offer good advice. They miss you.

As a husband you were supportive. You always put mom's needs before your own. That one line speaks volumes in and of itself.

As a father I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I cherish every moment we spent together and know how blessed I am to have been your daughter. Thank you Dad.

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you and wonder what you are doing. It's only been five months since you left, but it feels like a lifetime ago. I miss you terribly. I am thankful you are no longer suffering! I look forward to seeing you again. I love you Dad and I am still your little girl!


Southern Girl said...

What a beautiful letter, Amy. Your dad sounds like an incredible man...he'd have to be to have raised such a special, sweet daughter. :)

Kailani said...

What a touching tribute to your dad. You're both so lucky to have each other!

An Island Life

Goofy Girl said...

What a sweet letter to your Dad. He sounds like he was a wonderful Dad, and I bet he's looking down over your shoulder with tears of joy reading your letter. :)

Kimmy said...

What a beautiful, heart-felt letter to your dad. I'm so sorry to hear of his recent passing . . . I guess I hadn't "met" you in bloggerland yet when this sad event took place. I'm sure it is still very difficult for you. Your dad sounds like an amazing man. Blessings and hugs to you today!

amy said...

How beautiful and you let us get to know you a little bit


Christine said...

Beautiful letter Amy.
Your Dad sounds like he was the most patient and sweetest man....because he raised such a caring (like father like daughter)and loving daughter. :)

Michelle said...

oh Amy, I had goosebumps reading your letter to your dad! I'm sorry he's not here with you and I'm sure this first father's day without him was hard. What a legacy of wonderful memories he has left you though. Hugs to you my friend.

Heart of Rachel said...

It's a beautiful and very heartwarming letter. It's a great tribute to your father. He sounds like a beautiful person inside and out. I'm sorry that he's not with you anymore but I'm sure he is always with you in spirit.

Melanie said...

What a touching, beautiful letter to your dad! He sounds like he was an amazing man.