Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Ways My Friends Know I Love Them
1. Pray for them. This is of course the first and most important thing you can do for anybody!
2. Pick on them! I think this is the second most important thing ;o) Kidding!
3. Listen. I am a there for you 24 hours a day girlfriend!
4. Babysit their children (free of charge!) so they can have one on one time with their spouse. While I would love to be the one hanging out with them I think this is a top priority as well!
5. I am not a gossip. What I mean by this is that I will listen to you share your heart and it won't go anywhere. I also mean that I will not talk about others behind their backs. If it is meant to be shared then I will let that person tell you!
6. Buying little gifts. I try to remember when I go shopping with a friend and they happen to say, "Oh, I love that bookmark! or Mmmm, that's my favorite kind of candy!" It doesn't have to be big it just shows you listen.
7. I guess in keeping with #6 I love to make up little care packages, specially to my college age friends. It's so much fun to get a box filled with treats!
8. Did I mention pick on them? I am a terrible tease and I can bring out the ornry (spell ?) side of even the most prim and proper of my friends...heehee!
9. They can belch in front of me and I won't even give it a thought!
10. This is hard, but my friends have done me this favor as well. If we get to out of line with complaining or whining we tell each other to stop! We remind each other of how blessed we are and look at the positives!
11. If they get a scary looking haircut or have on an ugly dress I won't lie and tell them how great they look! I really have no room to talk anyway because I am in no way a fashion queen!
12. I have two great bionic shoulders to cry on and I always carry tissues! I have two arms to give bear hugs. I have two hands to give high fives or a pat on the back for a job well done!
13. I also have a mouth that isn't scared to say I LOVE YOU! And I say it often!


Chrystal said...

You sound like the kind of friend anyone would love to have! You're friends are truly blessed to have you shine a little light and truthfulness in their lives! Thanks for stopping by! :)

Chickadee said...

You sound like a wonderful friend. "Just because" presents from the friends are the best. I'm glad too that you don't tell the little white lies. I'd rather know than not if I've got a bad haircut or bad outfit.

My 13 are up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. You must be a good friend. True friends are few and far between.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful friend you are. A friend needs a good shoulder to cry on and carry tissues. :)

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

Great friends are rare. Your friends are lucky :) Thanks for dropping by!

Pamela said...

Aww, this is so sweet, you are such a thoughtful friend, Amy! I agree that the power of prayer is miraculous, and I appreciate all your kind words and prayers as of late, and I want you to know I will keep you and your dear family in my prayers, as well, especially your dear Father.

Life would be so dull without laughter. I love your sense and humor and find it a quality that really draws me in! Whenever things have been at their worst that is what has sustained me or gotten us through along with God's gracious mercy, of course. :)

Anyone would appreciate a "date night", and it is extra sweet that you do it free of charge. I have never charged for babysitting either, as it brings me as much joy and it do them! hehe!

Chelle Y. said...

Ah, can I be your friend? :)

I try to live that way with my friends too. You know, this is not the main reason why you should be that way, but you always "reap what you sow."

Happy 2007!


Anonymous said...

what a great friend you'd be to have !! i love #2 - pick on them LOL you can only do htat with a good friend !!

thanks for dropping by my T13

Anonymous said...

You sound like an amazing friend! Anyone you can trust with your deepest thoughts and know that they will go no further is priceless! Sounds like it would be great to be a friend of yours!

Anonymous said...

I agree with everyone else. You're a great friend to have. I'll bet your friends consider themselves blessed.

Anonymous said...

Great list and I am glad you are not a gossiper..you are a good friend

Anonymous said...

Very sweet.

Michelle said...

what a great list and a great friend you are! Your friends are blessed to have you in their lives!

Raggedy said...

You sound like a wonderful friend!
I am sure your friends feel blessed to have you!
Great list!
Have a wonderful day!

My TT is posted

Anonymous said...

You're the best kind of friend, one who is there and listens and helps make the person feel better. :)