A Quick Note!

Just stopping by to say HI to everybody. It's been a busy week as some of you know. My dad is out of the hospital and was moved to a nursing home yesterday.

It was so hard for my mom to leave him last night. They haven't spent one night apart for four or five years now. Mom called me last night just bawling and I felt so, so bad for her. I can understand some, but not completely even though he is my dad. We just sat on the phone together crying with each other. I finally mustered up the strength to say that we would pray all not long and that if she needed anything to call no matter what time it was.

Because my dad can't comunicate they have put him in a room right next to the nurses station. We stopped by after church today and he was in good spirits! His room mate is a Jewish doctor that has Alzheimer's. He doesn't say much either so I think they will be good room mates.

We've been having dad blink his eyes to answer our questions and today we were talking about me as a child. I promise, I was a sweet little thing! But now that I'm older I'm kind of a stinker. The kids asked grandpa to blink if I was an ornery child and he purposely blinked hard over and over! We all laughed~except for me~I was mad~kidding!

We're at our shop right now taking pictures of all of us so we can hang them on dad's wall. We even have a picture of Wensley~his favorite granddaughter ;o) We always take a nice picture and then a silly one! We're a strange family!

Well, it's time for me to go smile and say CHEESE! Hugs to anyone that stops by today!

Love, Amy


Michelle said...

I can only try to imagine how difficult it was for your mom - that first night away. She's got a wonderful daughter to help her through this time though! That's good to hear your dad was in good spirits during your visit! I'm sure he'll appreciate the pictures - nice and silly ones alike!

Pamela said...

Oh the pictures are a great idea! We used to do that too, anything to make it feel a bit more like home! :)

Aww, give your sweet Mom a hug from me...it will get easier. Nice that you two are close and you can be there for her!

It is great to hear how much better your Dad feels after his treatment! He's got that same sweet sense of humor you do! :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your Dad is feeling better. It's great that you have such a close knit family!

An Island Life

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to read about your father. Having lost my father 2 months ago, I know how hard it is to see the most powerful man in your life struggling through a disease.

But God has a way of showing us light even through pain.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

I can understand how difficult it must be for your mom. I hope that she can adjust to the new situation soon. I'm sure you're always there to cheer her up and make her feel better.

I love the normal shot followed by the wacky pose picture taking. :)

Hope everything will work smoothly for your family. Wishing you all the best. Take care!