Suggestions? Anybody? Please!

Well, our first snow has arrived! There is only three inches on the ground and we are expecting some more tonight after the Colts win the football game ;o) I've been wondering how the snow would affect my ability to get out and about. Guess what? I found out today that snow makes you slip and slide all over the place :o( I was hoping somebody might have a suggestion or two for me! Get your thinking caps on ladies....ready? set? go!

Here is the problem: I'm going to be using my two best friends (a.k.a crutches) for a long time. I went to church this morning and even though the place was shoveled my crutches were slipping at the slightest wet spots. And when we went to lunch later the tiles in the restaurant made for a fun time as well! In reality, it was very scary for me. If I were to start falling I am unable to catch myself because I might break one of my bionic shoulders or elbows~then I would be an even bigger mess than I am now!

I keep towels in the van so I can stand on them and scoot them as I walk, but what do I do when I need to go up a step or two? Has anybody else been in this situation before? If so, what did you do? Do you know of a special product I can use? Thanks for your thoughts!


Southern Girl said...

I'd say we probably use the same kind of crutches, Amy, and truthfully? If there's any chance there's ice somewhere or even if it's rainy outside and I'm supposed to go someone that's non-carpeted and someone might track water into, I just don't go until things dry out. You're absolutely right that rubber tips and the least little bit of water on a non-carpted floor makes for a potential fall. I wish I knew a better solution for both of us!

Goofy Girl said...

I have no idea if this would help or not, but what about taking a facecloth and rubber banding it around the bottom of your crutches to give you a little extra traction with wet floors? I'm not sure it would provide enough traction though, it really would depend on how slippery it was and how much water there was.

Anonymous said...

I always loveyour posts and blogs.I would love to have some snow as long as I dont have to drive in it!!!!!

Michelle said...

I guess first off I should say (grudgingly) congrats, good game, and all that...not to say that I'm not still upset though...and in denial the next morning! :)

What about putting sand paper over the rubber tip of the crutches? I was trying to think of something that would give you some traction.

Pamela said...

Amy, seems to me that if there is not some form of gripper cloth you could add you may be taking a risk.

However, why don't you consider using a walker in inclement weather. It would offer so much more stability. That is what we switched my Grandmother to when she no longer had enough strength for the crutches.

My daughter and SIL have to wear non skid shoes while they work in a restaurant as there is frequently grease and all kinds of water on the floor. Even I wore them when I used to be a server. So a pair of non skid shoes might help, as well! :)

Pear Blossom sounds like it would smell good just by the name. :)

Barb said...

Now don't laugh Amy, but this might work. I know that older people put tennis balls on the legs of their walkers for this exact problem. They just take brand new tennis balls, cut a slit in them and slide them right onto the feet of the legs on the walkers. It keeps it from skidding on the most slippery floors, so it might work in bad weather, too.

Might be worth a try!

Anonymous said...

oooh i have seen the tennis balls

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