Back To Work!

I was so excited last night because I decided I would venture out again and come into work for the afternoon. I wasn't excited because I was coming to work, but because it gave me an excuse to make another list! :o) My kids just laughed at me as I squealed with glee when I got out my favorite pen and a piece of bright pink notebook paper.

I started down the left hand and wrote down numbers 1 through 5. Surely I wouldn't need to take more than that to the shop with me. It wasn't long until I added 6 through 10. I was getting writer's cramp by this point. But I was still smiling foolishly. Here's my list. Please remember I've been working from home for almost nine months. I'm very thorough when it comes to list making. Don't laugh and don't judge!

1. My laptop, mouse pad and mouse in my blue computer bag.

2. The company checkbook complete with envelopes and deposit slips

3. The personal checkbook - if time to do my own bills

4. Stamps - at least a half dozen

5. Receipts to file - only if they've been marked down in the checkbook

6. Receipts to mark down in the company checkbook

7. My high rise toilet seat - CANNOT FORGET!

8. A clean towel for me! Side note: it's a car shop. You think there's gonna be a towel a lady would use in the bathroom? HA!

9. A couple cans of Diet Dew

10. A bag of candy for my candy jar

11. My purse - remember my medicine, hand sanitizer, phone, and chapstick

12. A soft blanket to sit on. Don't know how it will feel to sit on something other than my bed!

13. My small personal fan.

14. A change of clothes.

15. Treats for the Woo.

16. A couple sample bags of healthy chips for me

17. Something to munch on for my husband - Twinkies, Little Debbies, Chips

18. Don't forget to call Grandma and have her bring Jordan to the shop!

19. A couple of my favorite pens ;o)

20. Girly things - candle, some new pictures of the family, air freshener and lotion

My husband saw my list and rolled his eyes. Whatever! Unless you are a list maker then you're just not gonna get it. I have a mind to mark out numbers 10 and 17. That'll show him!


Kailani said...

I hope you had someone help you carry all of that! The people there will probably think you're moving in! LOL!

BTW, I caught Dancing with the Stars last night. I can't believe how great Marie looks! How old is she anyway?

An Island Life

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Now, that's a list! I love making lists too... I make them for anything and everything :) And my goodness, if you've been working from home for NINE months, you have to have a list like this, I totally get it and completely understand! :)

Dianne said...

Girl...I am a list maker too! I am also to the point where I have to put things by the door if I dont' have a list so that I don't forget them! Sounds like a great list to me! You GO GIRL! :-)

Christine said...

I so need to start making lists.
LOL!That's how I felt today going back to work. It did feel good.

That is my favorite word, just ask my husband "Whatever!" If I didn't buy him his 'Lil Debbies, that it would teach him to tease me too. :)


Michelle said...

I bet it felt good to get back in the office for a little while!