Alone, in the dead of the night
Lying in the blinding darkness
Listening to the deafening silence
My eyes begin to fill

My thoughts of you are dear
I cling tight to the memories
Never wanting to forget
I'm still a daddy's girl

Will the aching ever wain
Will there ever be a day I don't think of you
Will I ever feel strong when I speak of name
Will the tears ever slow

My heart can't cry any louder
I cry because I miss you
I cry because I need you
I cry because I am happy for you. I am.


Michelle said...

Oh Amy I had tears in my eyes reading this! Sending you some hugs!

PS - thank you for sponsoring us!!

amy said...

thats just beautiful my friend

Christine said...

Amy, that is so beautiful! I started getting teary eyed reading it.

Dianne said...

Wow...that is awesome...and VERY touching...thanks for sharing it with us. I believe I'm going to be sending a few prayers your way too!

Donetta said...

Hi Lady, How are you doing? I see your missing your daddy. He is a breadth away just close your eyes and see his smile. Grieving may last for the night but joy will come in the "mourning". :)